The Injection Molding Newsletter provides informative and technical articles to all the SPE Injection Molding Members.

Content Guidelines:

All articles should be educational in nature, and non commercial. An exception to the “education only” rule is the “Featured Technology” column, which, by nature, is somewhat commercial. However, the article should still focus more on the benefits of the technology, rather than becoming an advertisement for any specific product or company. Any article commercial based will not be accepted unless it is submitted as a sponsored case study article.

Formatting Guidelines:

Please send your file as a Word Document. Any pictures, charts or graphics should be included as separate attachments as jpe, tif, png. Please make sure all images and charts are labeled so that they will be placed in proper positions within your article. Most papers and articles are at least 1500 words.

Contact Information:

All articles receive information about each other. Please provide your contact information with email and website for live links.

Sponsor Article:

The SPE Injection Molding Division’s Publication is now offering sponsor articles. These articles are geared to promote your company services and or products to the Injection Molding readers. This is a prime avenue to announce new products to the industry. There are several packages to choose from and each package includes pictures, company logo, contact information and web links.

Sponsor articles run once and are based on a first come, first serve bases. Only a limited amount of sponsor articles will be featured in each issue. Your article will be in any issue you choose, sent to the qualified SPE Injection Molders e-mail list and archived on the SPE web site.

PACKAGES: (sponsor articles are for one issue only)
PACKAGE 1: 2 PAGE ARTICLE with full page ad  (ads may be placed next to article or any place in the issue)

Submission Dates:

Spring Issue: Feb. 10

Summer Issue: June 10

Fall Issue: Oct. 10

Send your articles to: