The Plastics Race is an app-driven scavenger hunt designed to entertain any attendee – from students to veteran industry professionals Throughout the course of the race, you will search for questions set to challenge your plastics knowledge.

Using a supplied map, each team plots their own course from one sponsor location to the next, answering questions which can only be accessed by visiting the sponsors’ booth! This code will automatically populate a randomly generated question which will test the team’s knowledge in the fields of polymer science, polymer chemistry, plastics engineering & more. At the conclusion, the team with the most correct answers will be awarded a fantastic prize.

Your ideal team:

Student: New energy, fresh theoretical knowledge
Young Professional: Energy,theory & knowledge that got its hands dirty
Senior Professional: Theory tested & knowledge applied and proven
Industry Pro: Focused on equipping the industry with the best materials & tools

“The race offers a great way to connect with other members of SPE. It’s fun, helps participants use their plastics/ polymers knowledge, and serves a great networking activity. My participation in the race (in 2014) catalyzed my active involvement in SPE and helped me develop strong connections with NGAB leadership.”

– Adam Kohn, Race participant

“My first conference was ANTEC® in May 2014 and it was an eye opening experience that I will never forget. Next Generation put together a Plastics Race that enabled participants to explore the city of Las Vegas, network with everyone there, as well as learn new things about plastics. There were riddles to be answered and the top four teams won prizes..”

– Julia Gilchrist, Race participant

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