Submitted as “Student Submission:

We recommend that ALL graduate and undergraduate students present a poster on their research during the Student Poster Session for those ANTEC® events hosting such a session.

The U.S. ANTEC® has a poster contest for Students, judging the posters and awarding cash prizes for top Graduate and top Undergraduate Student Poster presentations.

Student Poster submissions require only an Abstract submission (and not a full paper). All Students must provide contact information for the Faculty Advisor when submitting the Poster Abstract online. The online system also includes a collection point for the .PDF of the poster file.

*The Faculty Advisor for the Student will be contacted to ensure their involvement. It is the responsibility of the Faculty Advisor and the Student to make sure that high quality technical work is presented in the poster.

Since there is no paper to review for publication in the conference proceedings, the submission deadline for abstract only poster submissions can be much later and is typically approximately 4 weeks prior to the event. However, there is no guarantee that there will be a later deadline.

Some ANTEC® Poster Sessions will be displayed on digital screens (“Digital Poster Sessions”); others will require that posters be printed and brought to the event. These will be displayed on poster boards provided by the event (pushpins are included).