Maggie Baumann, G.H. Associates
Roger Avakian, PolyOne

Session Abstract

Wearable electronics are becoming science fact rather than science fiction. The advent of flexible circuitry, sensors, energy generation & storage and actuators is transforming the way we think of clothing and footwear. To name a few, many of these advancements are made possible by polymeric materials with unique properties such as piezo-electricity, thermal conductivity, electronic and semi-conductive properties. There are major advancements in the polymer science, processing and design with these remarkable materials. This session will explore the preparation, properties, opportunities and challenges that wearable electronics present.

1st Talk:

Wearable Electronics — Overview and Standards
Cherry Tom, IEEE Standards Association

2nd Talk:

VOLT Smart Yarns
Matthew Kolmes, Supreme Corporation

3rd Talk:

Production of “Z” Aligned Ultra-Sensitive, Flexible and Transparent Piezoelectric Nanocomposites
Dr. Mukerrem (Miko) Cakmak, Purdue University

4th Talk:

Materials Requirements for Stretchable Printed Electronics
Dr. David Rosenfeld, DuPont

5th Talk:


Panel Discussion:

Wearable Electronics: Opportunities for Plastics
All speakers