Student Presentations at ANTEC®

Whether a Graduate or an Undergraduate, Student members of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) have numerous ways in which they can present their research at ANTEC®. Depending upon the ANTEC® event, the rules may be different as pertains to presenting at podium or presenting a poster. This guide outlines the options that are available and, where appropriate, discusses the possible difference between the ANTEC® events.

Graduate Students are asked to submit full papers as ‘General Submission’ to be presented at podium. At the U.S. ANTEC, Graduate Students may also submit the same paper as a poster; however it must be submitted separately as ‘Student Submission’.

Undergraduate Students may submit posters to all ANTEC® conferences. However, they may only submit a paper in the Undergraduate podium session at the U.S. conference.

Presentation Types
Full Paper with Professional Podium Presentation:

Submitted as “General Submission”

All graduate students can submit and present their work in the regular professional sections. To do a podium presentation, the full paper should be submitted through ScholarOne to the appropriate division by the deadline for full paper submission. Technical Program Chairs (TPCs) will coordinate the review process for the papers with no special consideration given to student submissions. It is acceptable to have professors and other professionals listed as co-authors on the paper.

Students who present their work as a Professional Podium Presentation can also participate in the Student Poster Presentations described below. In this case, the abstract from the full paper should be submitted a second time following the instructions for student poster submissions below.

Full Paper with Student Podium Presentation:

Submitted as “Student Submission”

Undergraduate students who have written a full paper may present their work as a podium presentation in the Student Session. The student TPC will review the paper in the same manner General Submissions have been reviewed. This session is designed to give undergraduate students presentation experience with slightly less pressure and scrutiny than professional podium presentations. The major differences between submitting an undergraduate student paper compared to a professional paper are as follows:

  • Only undergraduate students can submit to this session. Graduate students need to present in the professional sessions.
  • Only undergraduate students can author or co-author the paper. Faculty advisors should be listed under the acknowledgements.
  • The student work is held to high standards, just as all other ANTEC papers, but the authors are provided with more coaching and instruction. Rarely are papers rejected outright and the students are provided with every opportunity to provide acceptable work.
  • The papers are presented in one of the student sessions where the audience understands that many students may be presenting at ANTEC for the first time and would be understandably nervous.


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