Submitting a paper to an ANTEC® conference requires that the submitting author or coauthor present the paper at the conference. Prior to submitting the paper, the author should  have approval from their organization to attend and should be confident on their ability to obtain a visa if necessary. Clearly, if approvals and visa problems are anticipated, the author should not submit a paper. Authors who fail to present create a disruption in the session that is unfair to our members that intended to hear the presentation and to the other presenters in the session.

Personal issues can occur that prevent a presenter from attending. In these cases, it is expected that a coauthor or coworker present the paper, and that the author notify the Technical Program Chairman (TPC) of the Topic Area on the change of presenters. If a replacement presenter cannot be identified, notifying the TPC early enough may allow the TPC time to find a replacement topic and speaker. In extreme cases, an author can be excused if the TPC is notified.

Unexcused failure to present occurs when an author is scheduled for a presentation, either Podium or Poster, and does not present or provide a replacement speaker to present the paper.

It is SPE’s policy that an author with two consecutive conferences of unexcused failures to present will not be allowed to submit a paper to any ANTEC® for the next two years. It is also at the discretion of the Technical Program Chair whether to remove the paper from the conference proceedings.