Support the RACE

Join a select group of exhibitors participating in the 2018 Plastics Race,the app-driven scavenger hunt that brings students and industry veterans to your booth at the show.
As a race destination, your booth will be visited by dozens of teams, drawing attention, and stirring the curiosity of hundreds of nearby attendees.


At just $1,000, sponsorships go quickly, so you need to act fast! Limited to the first 200 exhibitors.


Build a Team: As a sponsor, you can join the race. Your company’s volunteer race member can help a team round out its industry knowledge by adding your company’s specific area of expertise.

Engage: Be ready to welcome race teams when they arrive at your booth. Use this time to engage younger generations and help senior team members gain a deeper appreciation of your company. Remember it has to be fast. Teams are racing against the clock. So engage with them and have fun!

Repeat: This isn’t a one time connection. As a race sponsor you can continue the dialogue in our new online race that extends your racing event opportunities through the end of the school year. Stay engaged with all the teams. Become a real mentor to the young members of your team. Get to really know the senior team members.

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