Women’s Connection Breakfast…..CONNECT WITH US.


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The Women’s Connection Breakfast is excited to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge transfer between women in the plastics industry.

At the 2017 ANTEC Conference, our goal was to have 50 attendees and we ended up surpassing that with about 120 women and men attending the event.

Enjoy panels who pull from personal stories, to corporate policies, to data analysis.

All plastics professionals and students are welcome, and both men and women are encouraged to attend. This event will be held in room N310FGH.


Meet the Speakers:

Vicki Flaris

Professor, Bronx College


Shelley Fasano

Vice President Operations, Dymotek Corporation

Tuesday, May 8

Wesleyne Greer

Senior Sales Manager, Materia

Tuesday, May 8

Heather Meixel

President, Bamar Plastics

Tuesday, May 8

Judy Carmein

Global Product Manager, Proto Labs

Tuesday, May 8