Some ANTEC® events offer travel assistance to Students who are presenting a paper or a poster (non-presenters do not qualify as per the rules of the ANTEC® Student Committee). If the ANTEC® event you are attending does offer travel assistance, there will be a notation on the event website as well as the submission website where your information will be collected.

At this time, the U.S. ANTEC® (Orlando 2018) is the only location participating in the Travel Assistance program.

Graduate and undergraduate students who are presenting their work at ANTEC® (Poster or Podium) are eligible to request travel assistance from the Student Activities Committee. Funds are allocated based on the distance that the student travels and the availability of funds. Students MUST be present at the Student Luncheon at the event to pick up their checks in person. Checks will not be dispersed to anyone other than the student (no friend, classmate, advisor, or other person may pick up the check).

Additional information regarding submitting a paper or poster:

Download the Guide to Submitting to ANTEC®

For further information or questions regarding submitting a paper or poster for ANTEC® please go to , or contact Scott Marko: or +1-203-740-5442