Sydney Gladman, Exponent
Stéphane Costeux, Dow Chemical

Session Abstract

Natural systems are well known for their ability to respond to environmental cues such as heat, light, and humidity in an autonomous fashion, allowing them to accomplish complex tasks such as morphological changes and actuation. Inspired by nature, stimuli-responsive materials have emerged as a new generation of smart materials with potential to influence myriad applications including smart packaging, biomaterials, and textiles, intelligent self-assembly, and actuators such as artificial muscles. This session will highlight leaders in the field of stimuli-responsive polymers, including those working on unique manufacturing methods such as 4D printing. Speakers will share their work on the ties between processing, properties, and performance of advanced polymeric materials such as shape memory polymers, liquid crystalline elastomers, and hydrogels with the ability to respond to temperature, light, or hydration.

1st Talk:

4D Printing Enabled by Active Polymers and Composites
Dr. Jerry Qi, Georgia Tech
Professor and Woodruff Faculty Fellow, School of Mechanical Engineering

2nd Talk:

Pixelated Polymers: Directing the Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
Dr. Timothy White, Air Force Research Laboratory
Technology Advisor, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate

3rd Talk:

4D Printing of Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Prof. Taylor Ware, University of Texas at Dallas
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

4th Talk:

Intelligent Polyolefin: Communication Through External Stimuli
Dr. Marcia Pires, Braskem
Polymer Science Researcher

5th Talk:

Self-folding of Polymer Sheets Using Light
Prof. Michael Dickey, North Carolina State University
Alumni Distinguished Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

6th Talk:

Environmentally-triggered snap-through in soft structures
Prof. Jordan Raney, University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Panel Discussion:

4D printing and stimuli responsive materials: opportunities for plastics
All speakers