The Plastics Technology Conference

Today’s Ideas at ANTEC are Tomorrow’s Innovations in Plastics

ANTEC®, produced by the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers), is the largest, most respected and well known technical conference in the plastics industry. It’s where classroom theory connects with real world solutions.

Why should you attend?

ANTEC boasts 550+ technical and business papers on new and updated technologies, 60+ marketing presentations, panels and tutorials, networking events and student functions-all providing attendees with face-to-face interaction with expert representatives from the largest industry segments.

Who should attend?

Engineers, R&D Scientists, Technicians, Technical Sales & Support, Academics, Students, Managers, along with any plastics professional that could benefit from networking and learning about the latest innovations and how it relates to their work or company.


550+ Technical Papers & 60+ Technical Marketing Presentations in the following areas:

• Additive Manufacturing/3Dp• Joining of Plastics & Composites
• Advanced Energy• Medical Plastics
• Alloys & Blends• Mold Technologies
• Applied Rheology• Plastic Pipe & Fittings
• Automotive• Plastics in Building & Construction
• Bioplastics• Polymer Analysis
• Blow Molding• Polymer Modifiers & Additives
• Color & Appearance• Product Design & Development
• Composites• Reaction Injection Molders
• Decorating & Assembly• Rotational Molding
• Electrical & Electronic• Sustainability
• Engineering Properties & Structure• Thermoforming
• Extrusion• Thermoplastic Elastomers
• Failure Analysis & Prevention• Thermoplastic Materials & Foams
• Flexible Packaging• Thermoset
• Injection Molding• Vinyl Plastics