Injection Molding Division
Call for Technical Papers and Industry Speakers

SPE Injection Molding Division is now accepting papers for review. Accepted papers will be presented at ANTEC 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Talks are typically 30 min. long and may be technical or commercial in nature.

This is an Excellent opportunity for Academic and Industrial speakers to present material, network and visit the tri-annual NPE Plastics trade show.

Many Injection Molding topics will be considered including:

• Additive Manufacturing/3Dp• Joining of Plastics & Composites
• Advanced Energy• Medical Plastics
• Alloys & Blends• Mold Technologies
• Applied Rheology• Plastic Pipe & Fittings
• Automotive• Plastics in Building & Construction
• Bioplastics• Polymer Analysis
• Blow Molding• Polymer Modifiers & Additives
• Color & Appearance• Product Design & Development
• Composites• Reaction Injection Molders
• Decorating & Assembly• Rotational Molding
• Electrical & Electronic• Sustainability
• Engineering Properties & Structure• Thermoforming
• Extrusion• Thermoplastic Elastomers
• Failure Analysis & Prevention• Thermoplastic Materials & Foams
• Flexible Packaging• Thermoset
• Injection Molding• Vinyl Plastics


Technical Marketing Presentations

These sessions provide a forum were new products, processes, and services can be shared with ANTEC attendees.

ANTEC 2018 will be hosting Technical Marketing sessions as a regular part of its program. These sessions are intended to be a forum where new products, processes, and services can be effectively shared with ANTEC attendees in a timely manner.

New products are those that have entered the market in the last two years or are in an advanced stage of development with market entry occurring in the very near future.

Older products and processes can be presented as long as it brings value to the audience.

No paper is required … only a PowerPoint presentation.
Presentations are subject to review and approved by the ANTEC Technical Program Committee.
Presentations are to be directed at a technical audience and are expected to tell a story.
For example, the story could include things such as:
  • the problem the new technology is solving
  • economic benefits
  • ease of implementation
Presentations will be published in the ANTEC proceedings…no company confidential information allowed.
  • 30 minute time slots for presentations:
  • 22 minutes for presentation
  • 5 minutes for questions and answers
  • 3 minutes for attendees to enter/exit the room
Presentations are to be rich in technical content with all new products, processes, and service claims to be supported by technical data.
Presentations to follow the guidelines for ANTEC presentations except that company logos will be allowed on all slides.
The logo should not take up more than 5% of the available area. The logo on the title slide can be larger.
Submission, review, and final revision dates to be determined.