In addition to the traditional highly technical program, ANTEC® 2018 will feature a new Technical Marketing  track. The new track, developed by Joe Golba and Mark Spalding, will be organized into sessions focused on specific topical areas. These sessions are intended to be a forum where new products, processes, and services can be effectively shared with ANTEC® attendees in a timely manner. Candidates for these sessions should represent new offerings with market entry having occurred in the last two years or in an advanced stage of development with commercialization planned in the near future. Older products and processes will be considered as long as they bring value to ANTEC® attendees.

No paper is will be required, only a presentation that will be subject to review and approval by the ANTEC Advisory Committee. These presentations are to be directed at a technical audience and are expected, for example, to tell a story that includes the problem the new technology is solving, the economic benefit, and the ease of implementation.  Especially important is data and analysis that support the claims and benefits for the new technologies being presented. The Technical Marketing presentations will be published in the ANTEC 2018 conference proceedings and therefore must not include company confidential information.

“Mark Spalding and I believe much interest, excitement, and value will be generated by the Technical Marketing sessions and we encourage participation.” said Joe Golba, ANTEC Advisory Committee member.  “The presentation deadline is December 15, 2017, so there is still plenty of time for people to prepare to showcase their new products, processes, and services and make the new Technical Marketing track at ANTEC® 2018 a key ANTEC feature.”

SPE ANTEC® 2018 will take place in Orlando, FL from May 7-10, 2018 at the Orange County Convention Center. For more details or to submit a presentation please go to